In Unit 3 and 4 of VCE Dance, students develop physical skills, personal movement vocabulary and application of choreographic and analytical principles. Students create and perform two individual dance solos that concentrate on technique and expressing an intention. Students also study the dance works of others through performance and analysis. They consider influences on the expressive intention and movement vocabulary of their own dances and also on works created by choreographers working in a range of styles, genres and traditions. 

This study enables students to:
-develop safe dance practice and physical skills to enable a secure, controlled, expressive movement vocabulary to emerge
-develop a safe and anatomically aware use of the body
-develop skills associated with a variety of approaches to dance-making and performance
-respond creatively and kinaesthetically to ideas, emotions, observations and explorations of movement to communicate an expressive intention
-observe, experience and write about dance in an analytical, a critical and a reflective manner
-understand influences on their own dance works and those created by other choreographers